Site History

A brief history of this site...


The following show some evolutionary steps this site was undergoing. For a larger picture please click on the links.

Version 3:

This is the most recent version and the one you're actually looking at.

I'm using CSS level 2 to accomplish even more flexibility. The site is still shaded in grey. The logo is now only available in one version throughout the whole site. This makes it more obvious that a certain angle to look at is preferred and underlines the importance of the logo itself. Due to the use of CSS level 2 full browser compatability is guaranteed and all resolutions should be supported. The only bad thing is that a rather new browser is needed to make full use of the layout stated in the stylesheet.

This site is up ever since February 2004.

Version 2:

The background is now negative and there's only one foreground color. The logo takes far more importance as it reaches over the borders. The site was optimized for resolutions starting at 800 x 600.

This site was up for almost one and a half years starting mid of 2002.

Version 1:

The text is white on different shades of basic colors (ranging from yellow, green, blue, red, grey and magenta). The site was optimized for resolutions starting at 640 x 480.

This version was up for about half a year starting January 2001.