Publishing Framework

This site is being published using an XML publishing framework.

My approach:

The components I used are Apache Tomcat and Apache Cocoon. Tomcat is used to run Cocoon whereas Cocoon itself is an XML publishing framework written in Java. The main advantage of this tool is that it is quite simple to seperate content from design. As content may change from time to time as well as design-changes may take up a lot of time, it is quite useful to split those two parts from another. Using a publishing framework helps to maintain both parts seperately and keeps sitewide administration at a low level.

The Apache Cocoon Project is all about that. It uses a servlet engine (Apache Tomcat can be used for that), is implemented in Java and provides all the functionality I need. Of course it can't compete with a real content management system (like Zope or PHP-Nuke) but then again I just have the possibility to transfer my HTML-Pages to my provider's harddisk...

So, what do I have to do here? First of all I have to write some XML-files that contain the content (i.e. the text) as well as some navigational elements.

The next step is to write some Transformation Style Sheets (XSL) and stuff them with all the apropriate templates used to generate the apropriate HTML-pages out of those XMLs.

So whenever I want to change the design I just change some XSLs and if I would like to change some content I just change some XMLs. In both cases I don't really care about the other half.

To transfer the pages I use sitecopy to keep traffic at a very low level. sitecopy transfers just those pages that were changed since last update by keeping track in a XML-file.


Since Forrest version 0.5.1 I've been using Apache Forrest to do the job.